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Wedding FAQs

Can I bring a plus one? 
As much as we would love to have everyone come to our wedding, there are only limited seats available. The number of seats reserved for you is indicated in the formal invitation sent. Should you have been allotted more than 1 seat, please do not forget to include the names of those who will come with you. 

What should I wear at the wedding?
We're keeping everything really classy. For the ladies, please wear an elegant dress. For the gentlemen, button-down long-sleeve tops, and pants would be perfect. We would highly appreciate if you could please stick to the dress code and colors. You can wear shades of gold, pastel pink, pastel yellow or brown. The bride will be the only one in WHITE. Please do not wear white. Pegs and outfit references are shown in the invitation. 

Is this an indoor or outdoor wedding? 
The ceremony will be held at St Louis Chapel IX, Santo Tomas, Batangas. It's not airconditioned but we will try to make it comfortable for you as much as we can. We encourage you to bring fans in case it gets a little bit hot. 

During the reception, do not worry as we are having it in a fully airconditioned ballroom at Aquamarine Recreational Center. Don't forget to check the dress code to make sure everyone looks beautiful during the event. 

What gifts should I get the bride & groom? 
We are so happy that you would be coming to the wedding. If you wish to grace us with gifts, you can check out our wedding registry. If you have decided to pick anything from there, please inform our wonderful assistant, Jovie. Her number is in the invitation and on the footer of our website. However, you can also choose to chip in our honeymoon fund by clicking here. 

How do I get to the venue?
If you're driving to the wedding, simply type AQUAMARINE RECREATIONAL CENTER on waze or SAN LOUIS CHAPEL IX SANTO TOMAS, to get to the ceremony.

Is there parking available at the wedding and reception venue?
When we started planning the wedding, one of our priorities was to make sure that our guests won't experience any hassle. There are plenty of parking spaces available both venues. 

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